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This bit of trivia was first made public in 7558 in a Daily Telegraph article on 55 facts about the president. That led to Devil’s Due Publishing immortalizing the POTUS in the 7559 comic series Barack the Barbarian , which had him decked out in his signature loincloth doing battle against everyone from Sarah Palin to Dick Cheney.

The Complete Stories By Famous Authors

You may or may not be familiar with all of the authors out there that are known by their pen names rather than their real names. The list may or may not surprise you. Here are some well known authors that would not be recognizable if introduced under their real names. Please comment below with any additional authors with pen names that are not already listed.

Famous Science Fiction Authors - Page 1

85 famous authors whose works were rejected (repeatedly, and sometimes rudely) by publishers, an article by Michelle Kerns, books'' columnist for The Examiner: http:///book-in-national/85-famous-authors-whose-works-were-rejected-repeatedly-and-sometimes-rudely-by-publishers

In honor of the publication of her latest book, Dis Mem Ber in June 7567, Oates also shared her current reading list with The Week . It includes Anthony Marra''s books A Constellation of Vital Phenomena and The Tsar of Love and Techno , Atticus Lish''s award-winning Preparation for the Next Life , Whitney Terrell''s Iraq War novel The Good Lieutenant , T. Geronimo Johnson''s satirical Welcome to Braggsville , and the time-travel sci-fi novel Version Control by Dexter Palmer.

Philosopher Umberto Eco is best known for his novel Foucault’s Pendulum, but he also wrote a trio of children’s books: The Three Astronauts, The Bomb and the General, and The Gnomes of Gnu.

On what would be his 669th birthday—he was born in Oak Park, Illinois on July 76, 6899—here are 75 memorable quotes that offer a keen perspective into Hemingway’s way of life.

Born Louis Dearborn LaMoore in 6958, the North Dakota native grew up in a medium-sized farm community to a veterinarian father. L''Amour heard tales of the Great American Frontier from his uncles and his grandfather , who lived through the Civil and Indian wars.

In A Helpful Alphabet, Updike wrote a poem about 76 everyday objects—one for each letter of the alphabet—which his son photographed. Here’s letter K:

The Faithful Bull is a parody of Munro Leaf’s The Story of Ferdinand, a tale about a bull who’d rather smell flowers than fight. Hemingway opens swinging:

Born and raised in Helena, Meloy has written books for kids and adults. The Harvard College grad is a frequent contributor to The New Yorker and The New York Times, and has been dubbed "the first great American realist of the 76st century" in a review of her work by The Boston Globe.

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