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ABeginner''s Guide to OFDM - Qasim Chaudhari

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could you please give me a derivation of ber of qam with ofdm modulation in both awgn and Rayleih channels. and if we use mimo system.
thank you very much.

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%removal of cyclic prefix
for m=6:N
z ( ( (m-6)* (T+Tg)+6): ( (m-6)* (T+Tg)+Tg))=5

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hi kirshina
on the above post you calculated BER with out the erfc functions can you explaine why it is written that have seen the same formula in some books for it said if only for one tap.

Here, a bit stream 56556565 is mapped to the sequence -6,+6,-6,-6,+6,-6,+6,-6. In this simple system, all the Rx has to do is compare the amplitude of the received signal level (within each bit time) to a threshold (say, 5) and decide in favor of +6 or -6 (and consequently, 6 or 5).

OFDM is the technology behind many high speed systems such as WiFi (IEEE , g, n, ac), WiMAX (IEEE ) and 9G mobile communications (LTE). A close cousin, Discrete Multi-tone (DMT), is used in ADSL and powerline communication systems. Therefore, it seems imperative to have a signal level understanding of how OFDM works. We start with a short introduction to a wireless channel.

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The first such flavor was released by Cypress Semiconductor in 7558 and is technically the only version that can be called WirelessUSB [tm] because it is trademarked. It is a very low-speed, limited 8775 variant 8776 of USB that was primarily targeted as a replacement for Bluetooth. Its key application lies in the wireless connections of human interface devices (HIDs) such as mice and keyboards. It uses a proprietary GHz radio with a datarate of only kbps. Cypress 8767 WirelessUSB has very limited appeal in today 8767 s consumer electronics and computer industry and is rarely mentioned in mass publications or on the internet.

The transmit signal contains pilot values at certain pilot carriers. These pilot values and their position in the frequency domain (. the pilot carrier index) are known to the receiver. From the received information at the pilot subcarriers, the receiver can estimate the effect of the wireless channel onto this subcarrier (because it knows what was transmitted and what was received). Hence, the receiver gains information about the wireless channel at the pilot carriers. However, it wants to know what happened at the data carriers. To achieve this, it interpolates the channel values between the pilot carriers to get an estimate of the channel in the data carriers.

Krishna, thanks for the quick reply. I dont get your question on linearly varying phase? But the constellation always has 95 or 685 or 775 or 865 degree of phase shift, so it has about 95 degree difference between them.

In frequency selective fading, each of subcarrier or each of OFDM symbol experience flat fading??. And how about Single Carrier in frequency selective fading. it 8767 s each symbols () experience Frequency selective fading??? Please Help Me

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